A musical immersive comprovisation for any number of remotely comprovising musicians and any instrumentation.

As of So Little Space is inspired by the social dynamics resulting from interpretation of words, sentences, directives, suggestions or rules. Written specifically for the Kaon'CPT collective's participation at the B.E.A.M.S. event, it tries to embrace many things at once: the practice of [[][game pieces]], the trust in collective ease for improvisation, the use of the sole requirement for participation: NINJAM software for distributed musicking, renewed interest in InScore software for dynamic scores, the last minute action, improvisation and awareness of one's sonic environment and that other participants. Some instructions sound contradictory and call for participant's cognitive effort to interpretation, either logical or emotional. This piece is meant to yield wildly different results from one performance to another.

All participating musicians use NINJAM software to deliver the performance. A common (in NINJAM's sense) metronome synchronises them to a pre-defined musical time interval. They follow a semi-automatic score with written/symbolic instructions to perform some musical actions. The instructions range from musically inclined ("choose a chord and play it on beats") to very vague/poetic ("be like water"). They have to negotiate their way through interpretation of the score suggestions and overall sonic situation.

Program note